In comparison to the Indian climate, the climatic conditions in Russia are quite different. Laying in the torrid region, the climate remains moderate which makes it more comfortable for living. The country has a diverse climate across that differs based on the area. The average winter temperature falls as much as -20 in winters and +25 degrees in summers.

The medium study is in English or whatever language you have chosen during admission. The classes are having world-class medical facilities which are taken by expert faculties

No, internship is not available in Russia, whereas the last 8 months would be the revision of the course & the MCI coaching preparation that is provided by the university from 2nd year onwards. You have to do the internship in India after the MCI Exam to be eligible to practice medicine in India after the completion of the course.

Yes MCI coaching is provided from 2nd year and the course is the same as in India & abroad there is no difference.

Hostels are well furnished with 2 sharing 3 sharing separate rooms for boys & girls, with washing machine, kitchen & other facilities. Hostel is hardly 5 minutes away from the University it’s at a walking distance.

Yes, Indian food is available there which is 100% vegetarian.

Yes, Kitchen Facilities are available in almost University of Russia.

Holidays are from July to September month of every year

The expenses of flight for the round trip is somewhere around 50,000 to 60,000 for a round trip.

Yes, If students stays there & doesn’t come for vacations then mess and hostel facilities would remain same.

In such a case only if the University approves then only the student can go for part-time jobs, that also after University hours.

Yes the parents want to go along with the student they are welcomed but all the expenses have to bear by the parents themselves.

Reimbursement depends in few cases only, if after the admission letter the student change is mind then 10% of the process fees will be deducted & after the Invitation & Visa there would be no reimbursement

Yes the students will go in groups along with one of our representatives, we will provide a contact, from which parents can contact the student till the student receives new local contact number.

No there would be no hidden charges, only if there is any kind of inflation then only there would be the difference in that is only 5 to 10% if any

Only if there is any kind of inflation then only there would be the difference in that is only 5 to 10% if any.

There are 2 to 3 sharing rooms available and if the students want to stay separately then he/she have to pay them according to the capacity of the room.

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