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Dear friends,

Getting higher education is one of the most significant periods of everyone’s life. To choose the best university for studies you should certainly take into consideration such criteria as university reputation, the quality of studies and employment opportunities for graduates. In Russia, education has always been subject to special emphasis as educated people make up the true wealth of the country. Therefore, Russia is ranked first in the world according to the adult literacy and tertiary attainment rate.

Students make forward looking part of our society and they are very welcome to over 650 Russian state universities. The great choice of more than 500 programs in medicine, engineering, economics and humanities offered by Russian state universities gives an opportunity to find the program you are precisely interested in. The following advantages of Russian higher education are undeniable: highly qualified teaching staff, solid facilities and resources and high demand for graduates among foreign employers. Besides, Russian state universities are about educational traditions carefully preserved by several generations of professors.

Director of RAM Education

Director Message

Dear Friends, I in person and on behalf of the Board of committee members as well as the whole RAM family extend you a very warm, to all the future Doctors who are joining RAM education for structuring their carrier in Medicine. We have clearly laid down our vision, mission,values and efforts which shall be made to utilize the infrastructural facilities and intellectual capital to achieve these goals and values. It shall be our endeavour to encourage our students. to participate and to involve, besides training and education in medical science, social, cultural and sports ac

Director of RAM Education

Another Director Message

Dear Friends, Russia undertakes its humanitarian mission by giving the opportunity to get a higher educa-tion in Russia to international students. Russian Government set the priority for training of professionals for international labor markets. Studies in Russian state universities are partially subsidized by Russian Government, making it affordable for families with different incomes. Currently, over 3000 international students from about 50 countries are studying in Russ