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RAM Education Nutures the talents of the students and shapes their career seeking professional essay writer guidance. RUSSIAN universities have a long tradition of educating students from all over the world, most not only in the professions but also of Medicine and Dentistry. We are proud of our graduates and confident that the healthcare professionals who graduate from our institutions are well-equipped to cope with the challenges and opportunities of Healthcare. Studying MBBS in Russia is one of the best apportunity, as all Russian Medical Universities are government recognized and are listed in World Health Organization (WHO), and Medical Council of India (MCI).

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RAM Education offers a career planning & university selection where our Expert Counselors guide students about the best match for their write my essay aspirations.

Free Counselling

Ram education has a team of trained and expert counselors, who provide help to identify the professional goals, enabling the student to take

University Selection

Ram education counselors help you to select the right University across the world according to the need and requirement of the student. We l

Documentation Assistance

Passport Assistance: Ram education assists you completely while a

Pre-Departure Guidance

Every year, Ram education conducts SOBRANIYE, a get together of s

Forex Assistance

We assist our students in getting currency exchange. At Ram education, we make sure that our students get the best possi

Travel Assistance

At Ram education, we have a separate department called TOURISM which provides you with the best possible options to tra

Post Departure Services

We help you for the medical check-up in the University at the time of arrival. We provide proper as

Post Departure Services

We accompany our student from the Airport to the University. We provide the accommodation facilitie

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You must be wondering, “What is a guy from India doing in Russia?” That is a question most of the people ask when they first meet me. When back in india I told my friends and family that I was going to study in Russia, they asked me, “Why Russia?” Since india is too far from Russia, you can rarely see someone who has chosen it as his or her destination country. At the beginning I did not know anything about a possibility of studying in Russia. Then, luckily, my father told me that there is an opportunity for me to come to Russia and study medicine there. At the moment I am studying at the kursk state university preparatory course in order to get admission into the General Medicine degree programme afterwards. My experience so far has been extremely positive. Back in india I was anxious about learning Russian.

kursk state university

I’m Urv , 1nd year student of
orel State Medical University. I am here from last 1 years and my experience here is the best. Talking about studies, here staff is the best. They speak in English language and explain all the possible things we need, if we have problem, they solve it without any issues.. And the mess here serves best Indian food. We have different menus according to days. The senior here are very helpful. They are available like our parents for our every problem. They advise us and support us even on our personal problems and study problems.”

1st year student of orel State Medical University

Ram EDUCATION has set a good opportunity for students like me to fulfill their dreams. The University campus is very comfortable for studies. The hostel and city are comfortable to live. I’m grateful to Ram EDUCATION.
Rahis khan orel state University

1st year student belgorod national Research University

I am first year student of kabardino balkarian State University. Study here is very encouraging because of high level of the university, and also thanks to the kind-hearted relationship between Russian and foreign students who always help each other! Also there are professional teachers and doctors who help the students in all matters that arise during their studies at the university

1st year student (kabardino balkarian state university nalchik russia)

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